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Pros and Cons of Rooting Hormones | Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting Hormones

Pros and Cons of using Rooting Hormones | Advantages and Disadvantages of using Rooting Hormones

Pros and Cons of Rooting Hormones | Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting Hormones

Introduction : What is Rooting Hormone?

Rooting hormones are chemical stimulants that are applied to the cut ends of plant branches to facilitate root growth. Many plant species can be propagated as a new plant through its branches. That process is called propagation. In such plant breeding, new roots emerge from the cut edge of the branch. The chemical stimulant that aids in the formation of new roots is called rooting hormones. These rooting hormones are available in liquid, powder, spray or gel form.

Pros of Rooting Hormones

  1. Accelerates root growth (The application of rooting hormones reduces the time taken for new roots to emerge from the branches of the plant and shortens the time taken for accelerating root growth. Rooting hormone-applied plant cuttings begin to grow roots faster than normal plant cuttings)
  2. The probability of sprouting is high (Often, when few cuttings are planted, only a small amount of it successfully becomes a plant. The rest die. With the application of rooting hormones, a large percentage of these cuttings grow successfully as plants) 
  3. Useful for commercial nurseries (The use of this rooting hormone is very beneficial when selling plants as a business. This allows a large number of small cuttings to successfully grow into plants)
  4. Useful for home gardening. Helps to propagate rare plants.

Cons of Rooting Hormones

  1. Harmful for human health (Inhalation or ingestion of certain rooting hormone powders is detrimental to human health. So be careful when applying this rooting hormone)
  2. It is an additional expense (These rooting hormones must be purchased from the market and can be quite expensive)
  3. Harmful to soil-dwelling animals.
  4. Weather issues are affected (It is difficult to apply during rainy seasons and is useless in those times)

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