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Pros and Cons of Graphics Tablet | Advantages and Disadvantages of Graphics Tablet

Pros and Cons of Graphics Drawing Tablet | Advantages and Disadvantages of Graphics Drawing Tablet

Pros and Cons of Graphics Tablet | Advantages and Disadvantages of Graphics Tablet

Introduction : What is Graphics Tablet?

A graphics tablet is an electronic device which enables a user to draw images, animations, sketch, graphics and make hand writings on a digital screen. In simply, a graphics tablet is a type of input device. The graphics tablet is also known as pen tablet, drawing tablet, digital art board, drawing tablet or digital drawing pad. Usually, a pencil or pen is used for drawing or writing on paper. But a graphics tablet uses an electronic pen called a stylus to write notes. There is a drawing area on graphics tablet. User can draw anything on that drawing area by using stylus pen. When user drawing something on drawing area, simultaneously it appears on digital screen. There can be some Hotkeys on graphics tablet for shortcut (It depends on manufacturer). In normally, graphics tablet use USB cable to connect with computer or particular display device.  

Pros of Graphics Tablet

  1. Saves physical space (Usually a piece of paper, a table or frame, a brush, etc. are needed to draw a picture. Some space is required to hold these. If you are painting on a large piece of paper, a large amount of space is required for that. However, the use of a graphics tablet meets all of the above requirements and uses minimal space. You can also create a large image using a graphics tablet)
  2. Regular expenses are minimal (Ordinary paper or pencil designs cost some money to make. If you do a hundred paints like this, you will need a hundred pieces of paper. That means you have to spend every time you recreate. But no matter how much you paint when using a graphic tablet, it does not cost more than the initial cost. Therefore, the graphics tablet is financially advantageous in the long term use)
  3. Enable make arts in digital format (Graphics tablet is useful for make arts in digital formats such as JPEG, PNG, PDF, PSD, etc. It is useful for when stored arts in digital storage devices. If we are going to draw an art in physical paper, it does not allow displaying or save in digital media. But graphics tablet allows digitalized arts)
  4. All in One solution (Drawing a typical physical drawing requires a variety of tools. That is, you need different sizes of brushes to draw different shapes, different colored pencils, water to dissolve the color and much more. It varies from painting to painting. But when using a graphics tablet, a Stylus electronic pen is enough. It fulfills all the requirements mentioned above)
  5. Better alternative for mouse (When using a computer, a mouse is a required item. You can use graphics tablet as an alternative for mouse. In some ordinary use, graphic tablet is easier than mouse)
  6. Better tool for use with Graphic and Animation editor software programs (When using graphic editors or animation makers such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, etc. the use of a graphic tablet makes it as easy as using a pen and paper)
  7. An Eco-Friendly solution (Drawing using a graphic tablet is 100% eco-friendly. Ordinary paper, pencils, paints, etc. are almost all artificial and cause environmental damage every time a painting is created)
  8. Compatible with smartphones. 
  9. It cleans your hands (It takes a lot of effort to create an art using ordinary paper, pencil, and paint. Often your hands will be bathed in paint by the end of the design. Your clothes can be filled with dye stains. Your floor or desk may be dirty. For many, this can be stressful. But when using a graphic tablet, your hands, clothes and surroundings are not dirty)

Cons of Graphics Tablet

  1. The initial cost is high (Usually, a graphics tablet is more expensive in market. But there are different prices depending on your need and the size of the tablet)
  2. Not suitable for beginners (If you are still a beginner at drawing, using a graphic tablet can be a bit complex and inappropriate)
  3. Outdoor painting can be difficult (The graphic tablet is not suitable for drawing outdoor environmental pictures. For example, if you are painting a remote mountain area live, it is not practical to carry a graphic tablet with you)
  4. Depend on Electricity (Without electricity power, not able to use graphics tablet)
  5. Not suitable for Kids (Using graphics tablet is complex and there should have an experience to use it. So, it's not suitable for kids)

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