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Pros and Cons of Public Transport | Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Transport

Pros and Cons of Public Transportation | Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Transportation

Pros and Cons of Public Transport | Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Transport

Introduction : What is Public Transport?

Public transportation is the transportation of a group of passengers from one place to another by a specific route and by a single vehicle at a specific time. Examples of public transportation include buses, trains, trams, and passenger planes. These public transport services can be owned by the government or private sector.  These public transport services are operated as profit service as well as non-profit service.

Pros of Public Transport

  1. Traffic congestion is minimal (The use of public transport will reduce traffic congestion to some extent. Traffic jams occur when 20 people are traveling in 20 cars rather than 20 people traveling in one bus. This is especially common during the morning and evening office hours)
  2. Air pollution is minimized (The number of vehicles running on the road daily is minimized by using public transport instead of using their own vehicles. It can reduce the amount of carbon released to the environment on a daily basis. Therefore, air pollution is minimized by the use of public transport)
  3. Being financially advantageous (It is cheaper to use a public transport service than to use your personal vehicle for daily commutes)
  4. Travel time can be used effectively (When traveling by private vehicle, only you can do during the journey is drive. But when using public transportation, you can manage time by being able to do other things during that time. For example, you might read a book during that time)
  5. The best and cheapest solution for people unable to drive is to use public transportation.
  6. Vehicle maintenance is not essential (As a passenger on public transport, you do not need to maintain a vehicle on your side)
  7. It is the only option for middle class and poor people (Many middle class and poor people cannot afford to buy a private vehicle. The only option for their travels is public transport)
  8. A good way for travelers/tourist (It is difficult for tourists to obtain a license for their personal vehicle while traveling. Therefore, the use of public transport is an easy solution)
  9. Ideal for older adults (It is dangerous for older people to drive. It is therefore advisable to use a public transport service)
  10. Safe for drunk people (When you are under the influence of alcohol, use public transportation rather than trying to drive your own car)
  11. Useful for young children who do not eligible for a driving license.

Cons of Public Transport

  1. Not punctual for some time (Sometimes public transportation fails to start and arrive on time. Passengers are embarrassed at such times)
  2. Runs only on a regular schedule (Generally, public transportation runs on a regular schedule. But in some cases it may not be the right time for the passenger)
  3. Sometime waste time (In some cases, due to lack of passengers, the journey is unnecessarily delayed or slowed down. Then time is wasted)
  4. Lack of space (Some passengers are often inconvenienced when carrying large luggage because there is not enough space)
  5. More damage in an accident (If a public transport vehicle were involved in an accident, many passengers would be killed or injured)
  6. Some difficulties in use in rural and remote areas (Discouragement of service providers due to low revenue due to low number of passengers while driving a public transport vehicle to rural and remote areas)
  7. Not suitable for pandemic situations (In pandemics such as Covid-19, it is difficult to maintain personal distance when using public transportation)
  8. Abuse of women (Women are often harassed in various ways on public transport in South Asian countries)
  9. Not being comfortable for people with special needs (Pregnant women, people with disabilities, etc. may find it difficult to use public transport due to heavy traffic)
  10. Mental freedom can be minimal (Excessive noise as well as low privacy during public transportation can sometimes reduce the mental freedom of passengers)
  11. Thieves can steal your belongings.

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