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Pros and Cons of Solar Energy | Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Pros and Cons of Using Solar Energy | Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Solar Energy

Pros and Cons of Solar Energy | Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Introduction : What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy, a renewable energy source, is generated by electromagnetic radiation from the sun. This solar radiation is caused by certain chemical reactions that occur in the sun, and that solar radiation has a high energy. That energy can be converted into electrical energy to meet the energy needs of human beings. Solar panels are widely used to convert solar energy into electrical energy. It absorbs the heat generated by the solar radiation and produces electricity. 

Pros of Solar Energy

  1. A renewable energy source (The main advantage of solar energy is that it is a renewable energy source. That is, solar energy is a renewable energy source anywhere in the world at any given time. Solar energy is a type of energy that will never run out)
  2. Reduces monthly electricity bill (If you install a solar panel in your home, and it meets your home's electricity needs, your monthly electricity bill may be very low, or you may not have a monthly electricity bill)
  3. Extra income (You can earn extra profit by exporting the excess electricity generated by your home solar power system to the national grid)
  4. A Electricity solution for remote areas (Solar energy can be used to meet the electricity needs of remote rural areas not covered by the National Energy Network)
  5. Maintenance Costs are very less (Since solar panels do not require frequent maintenance, the maintenance costs of using solar energy are very low)
  6. Can be used as a renewable and unlimited fuel for spacecraft.
  7. An Environmental Friendly Energy Source (Solar energy does not cause any environmental damage during power generation. Fossil fuels increase air pollution during power generation. So solar energy is 100% eco-friendly)

Cons of Solar Energy

  1. Initial Cost is High (Installing a solar power system involves a large initial cost. Especially solar panels, batteries, inverters, wires and installation costs come at a huge cost)
  2. Weather factors affect (On days of heavy rain and cloudy days, it may fail to generate enough electricity)
  3. Storage devices are expensive (Special batteries are required to store the electricity generated by solar panels. Those batteries are expensive)
  4. Technical knowledge required (Proper maintenance of a solar power system requires some technical knowledge)
  5. Not enough for an industrial workshop (Industrial workplaces often require high capacity, so the electricity generated by a solar power system may not be sufficient)

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