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Pros and Cons of Electronic Book | Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Book

Pros and Cons of E-Book | Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Book

Pros and Cons of Electronic Book | Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Book

Introduction : What is eBook?

In simply, E-Book means Electronic Book. And also it can be mentioned as eBook. eBook is a Book in digital format that able to read on digital screen such as smartphone, tablet, computer, smart TV, etc. Normally, e-Books are contains with non-editable texts in digital format.

Pros of e-Book

  1. An Eco-friendly solution (Papers for books are usually made from plant parts. Huge numbers of trees are cut down every year around the world to produce these papers. It is a cause of environmental destruction. But the use of these e-books is 100% eco-friendly)
  2. Efficient Searchability (Finding something in a physical paper book is a bit difficult. For example, you have a book on "Physics". You need to find the section that describes Newton's first law. But if you do not remember the page with that part, you have to put a lot of effort into it. But when using an e-book, all you have to do is search for "Newton's first law". You can easily access the desired section)
  3. Good Portability (Moving a physical paper book from one place to another can be a bit difficult. It is definitely difficult to carry a large book of over 1000 pages. What if I had to carry a few such big books? But if you use e-books, you can easily store thousands of such books in your smartphone and put them in your pants pocket)
  4. Can be used even in the dark (A natural light is needed to read a book. The pages of the book are visible to our eyes only if there is light. So it is not possible to read a normal paper book in a dark environment or in the dark of night. But natural light has no effect on the use of e-books. You can easily read the e-book on the digital screen, even in the dark)
  5. Ease of sale (You will need a store that has storage space to sell a regular paper book. If selling online, you will need to go through a shipping process. But e-books can be easily sold and downloaded online)
  6. Production cost is minimal (Printing and distributing a typical paper book costs a lot of money for the whole process. But it costs no money to prepare and distribute an e-book)
  7. Minimum labor force (The whole process up to the production and distribution of a typical paper book requires much manpower and labor. But even one person is enough to prepare and distribute an e-book)
  8. Possible to insert clickable links (You can easily add clickable links into an e-book. It helps to insert important quick access references within the book)
  9. Can be easily updated (When a new edition of a standard paper book needs to be issued, the entire book must be reprinted and distributed. But if there is a new edition of an e-book, it can be easily updated)
  10. Easy to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  11. Not easily destroyed (An ordinary paper book can be destroyed by fire, water or animals. Also, print colors may fade over time. But an e-book does not perish like that)
  12. Page size is adjustable for better visible (You can zoom in or zoom out to make the page easier to read)
  13. Ability to embed audio and video into pages.

Cons of e-Book

  1. Can be easily pirated (These e-books can be easily pirated, resold or redistributed on the Internet)
  2. Lack of proper regulation or quality standards (They are usually inspected and regulated by a responsible agency prior to the distribution of a printed book. It also provides quality standard certificate. But e-books are difficult to regulate or guarantee quality)
  3. Not good for eye health (When we read a normal printed paper book, we use the natural light that falls on it. It does not cause eye discomfort. But reading an e-book on a digital screen can be tiring for the eyes, as well as detrimental to eye health)
  4. Inability to use without electricity (The device used to read the e-book should have enough battery charge and can not be used in the situation of a power outage)
  5. Cannot be given as a gift (It is common for books to be given as gifts. But these e-books cannot be presented as a gift)
  6. It is difficult to keep notes (Most people, when reading a book, draw notes or signs on it with a pencil or highlight pen. But in the use of e-books it is difficult)

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