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Pros and Cons of LED | Advantages and Disadvantages of LED

Pros and Cons of Using LED Light | Advantages and Disadvantages of Using LED Light

Pros and Cons of LED  Advantages and Disadvantages of LED

Introduction : What is LED?

LED (light-emitting diode) is a semiconductor device that emits infrared or visible light when electric current passed through it. At presently, LED lights are normally used in every type of electronic and mechanic gadgets. When using LED bulbs, we have the ability to adjust them to the different colors according to requirements. LEDs are invented by H. J. Round in 1907. Until the 90s, LED bulbs had a limited color range.

Pros of LED

  1. Durability (The lifetime of an average incandescent bulb is about 1000 hours. The lifetime of an LED bulb is estimated to be around 100000 hours. However, the durability of an LED bulb depends on factors such as the nature of the current and the temperature. However, LED bulbs are more durable compared to other bulbs)
  2. Better for Rugged use (LEDs, also known as Solid State Lighting (SSL), are made of solid materials and are best suited for rough use. Since there are no filaments or tubes, the damage is minimal during rough use)
  3. No warm up time to light up (Lights up instantly within no time)
  4. No impact from environmental conditions (Even in cold weather, LEDs light quickly without delay)
  5. The light can be directed (Directional use of light is possible with LEDs)
  6. Eco Friendly (There is no mercury or any other harmful chemical in LEDs)
  7. Have good control (It's possible to control brightness and color of LED)
  8. Responsive to quick ON and OFF.
  9. Initial cost is lower for manufacturing LEDs.
  10. Electricity power requirement is less.

Cons of LED

  1. Blue-Light Hazard. ↗️
  2. Depend on Environmental Temperature (When long term performing in high temperature environment, LED tend to device failure)
  3. Sensitive to the Voltage (There must be healthy voltage level for LEDs. Otherwise, high voltage may cause destroying LED)
  4. Lack of knowledge about LEDs among people (To maintain LED in correct manner, there should be a technical knowledge about LED. But most people don't have enough technical knowledge about LEDs)

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