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Pros and Cons of DVD | Advantages and Disadvantages of DVD

Pros and Cons of DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) | Advantages and Disadvantages of DVD (Digital Video Disc)

Pros and Cons of DVD  Advantages and Disadvantages of DVD

Introduction : What is DVD?

DVD stands for Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc. DVD is a type of optical disc which is capable to store some amount of data in digital format. Actually, DVD is a more upgraded version of a Compact Disc (CD). Normally, DVDs have a 4.7 GB to 12 GB range of capacity. A single-layer DVD is capable to store about 4.7 GB of data, and a double-layer DVD is capable enough to keep over 9 GB of data. A DVD-R means "Recordable" which is able to record data once. Once it has recorded data, it cannot delete that data and record new data again. A DVD-RW means "Rewritable" which is able to erase data and reuse space at any time.  

Pros of DVD

  1. Huge capacity of storage data (Normally, DVDs are able to store 4.7 GB to 12 GB storage of data. That amount of storage space is enough to hold more valuable data in digital formats)
  2. Cheap (The raw material for manufacturing DVDs is very less cost. And also DVDs are a cheap option for data storing compared to other storage devices)
  3. Portability (DVDs are very small and less-weight storage devices. By using a DVD case, able to carry many DVDs easily. Normally a DVD has a 12 cm (4.7 in) Diameter, 1.2 mm (0.047 in) Thickness, and 16 grams of weight)
  4. A better solution for offline data transfer (DVDs are used for movies, software, driver, etc. distributions. This is a better solution for when an online distribution is impossible or difficult)
  5. Data Protection (When transferring data using DVD-R has some protection for data and difficult to unauthorized data modification during transferring because DVD-R is not allowed to re-write data to disc)

Cons of DVD

  1. Can be easily damaged (Because of its material and thin shape, it can be damaged easily by human work as well as natural problems)
  2. Low durability (The soft surface of the DVD can be easily scratched, and then it will not be working properly and data can be lost)
  3. Depend on the device (DVDs cannot work with each and every device. Presently other new data storage devices such as USB pen drives, Chips are compatible with many devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, television, etc. But DVDs cannot perform with all those devices)
  4. Limitation of Capacity (Normally, DVDs are coming with 4 GB - 12 GB capacity. It's not available with various capacity sizes to buy according to the user's requirement)

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