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Pros and Cons of Blogger | Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogger

Pros and Cons of Blogger | Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogger

Introduction : What is Blogger?

Blogger is a blogging platform which developed by Google in 2003. At presently also Blogger is one of most popular platform among content creators.  Blogger allows you to create a static web site by using their subdomain or your custom domains.

Pros of Using Blogger

  1. Free Hosting Space and Unlimited Bandwidth
  2. Free SSL Certificate for your blog site
  3. Very Less down times
  4. Allow to create unlimited blogs
  5. Easy to setup a blog within few seconds
  6. User friendly interface
  7. Quickly index to Google
  8. Easy to integrate with other Google services
  9. Easy to basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  10. Fast page loading
  11. Beginner Friendly
  12. Less technical knowledge requirement
  13. No need coding
  14. Secured 
  15. Allow to use Custom Domains

Cons of Using Blogger

  1. FTP access is not available
  2. You don't have 100% control of your site
  3. Your site can be banned by blogger
  4. Your blogger account can be banned
  5. Site should follow rules and regulation of Google (If not can be Ban)
  6. Media file uploading is not allowed (Only pictures and videos can be upload)
  7. Blog post's URL structure cannot change
  8. Difficult to customize the theme
  9. You cannot create a dynamic website using blogger
  10. Only you can create a blog type website
  11. Difficult to migrate site to another Content Management System (CMS)
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